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Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers (CIYTs) train for years and pass rigorous assessments in order to receive permission to teach.  Our teachers are thoroughly grounded in anatomy, philosophy, and all aspects of yoga asana (postures). CIYTs know how to guide students of all ages and abilities.  Deep-seated understanding and experience of the yoga asana allow CIYTs to teach to the students in front of them, whether they are younger, older, athletic, or have physical limitations.​

Look for the Iyengar Yoga Certification Mark* to guarantee a yoga experience that’s safe, suitable for individual physical conditions, and beneficial for both body and mind.

Find a Teacher

CIYTs adhere to the ethical guidelines set forth by the Ethics Committee of IYNAUS. If you should have any questions or concerns please contact IYNAUS through the link provided.

Regional Studios

Regional Studios

6342 W Sahara Ave

Las Vegas, NV  89146

(702) 222-YOGA (9642)

476 W White Mountain Blvd, Ste 12

Lakeside, AZ  85929

(928) 367-4636

(928) 940-0996 text

3400 E Speedway, Ste 200

Tucson, AZ  85716

(520) 743-7142

Scottsdale Community College

9000 E Chaparral Rd

Scottsdale, AZ  85256

(480) 423-6771

CIYT Online Teaching

Lauren Barnert-Hosie

Open Spaces Yoga Center

928-940-0996 (cell)

928-367-4636 (studio)

Cindy Berliner

207-838-0551 (cell)

Aileen Epstein-Ignadiou

B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Center of Las Vegas


Leah Greenberg Flaks 510-418-5207

Terese Ireland


The following CIYTs are offering online yoga classes:


Online Teaching

Scholarship Program

Iyengar Yoga Association of the Southwest (IYASW) offers financial scholarships to members to help them study Iyengar Yoga.   For more information or to apply, please view the scholarship policy and application form or contact IYASW at


In accordance with his lifetime contribution to the art, science, and philosophy of yoga, B.K.S.Iyengar pursued trademark protection to ensure that yoga associated with his name reflects his work.  As of August 14, 2007 the name "IYENGAR" associated with "YOGA" has been registered as a trademark and is protected in the United States in connection with the teaching of Iyengar Yoga.​


Because the Iyengar name is trademarked, only Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers in good standing are permitted to use "Iyengar Yoga" to describe their yoga programs or classes. Teachers who are not certified in the Iyengar method are not permitted to represent or describe their classes using the word “Iyengar” in any way. They may not claim to teach “Iyengar Yoga” or any variant of that label, such as “Iyengar influenced,” “Iyengar based,” or “Iyengar style.”

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